Buzzword or Not, ‘SoLoMo’ Still Isn’t Going Anywhere

by The Where 2 Get It Team on April 11, 2014

Roughly one year ago, Mashable Business Reporter Seth Fiegerman published a piece titled “Why ‘SoLoMo’ Isn’t Going Anywhere” in which he explained in detail how the term SoLoMo was coined. It’s definitely an interesting backstory to read for anyone in the digital marketing space. More recently, Greg Sterling wrote a thought-provoking piece titled “Have ‘Local’ […]

Where 2 Get It’s Marketing Glossary Series: Location-Based & Mobile

by The Where 2 Get It Team on April 7, 2014

This is the first in a new series on the Where 2 Get It Blog — The Marketing Glossary Series. In this series, we aim to highlight key terms or phrases that may be familiar to many in the location-based marketing industry, but are perhaps more confusing to those with less of a technical marketing […]

Catching Up On Foursquare: Monetization & The Powered by Strategy

by The Where 2 Get It Team on March 28, 2014

We write about Foursquare a lot on this blog. Not just because we have a working partnership with Foursquare which allows us to ensure for our clients that the Where 2 Get It platform is effectively integrated with Foursquare’s merchant tools. Rather, we write about Foursquare quite a bit because we believe Foursquare represents a […]

The Future of Social Media & Content Marketing

by The Where 2 Get It Team on March 21, 2014

Clearly there has been a TON of media buzz lately surrounding the fact that Facebook Organic Reach — a metric that represents the number of current Facebook fans a piece of content will reach without putting any paid promotion behind it — has drastically decreased since last Fall. In fact, Social@Ogilvy recently published a White […]

Google, Apple, Facebook & Mobile Ecosystems

by The Where 2 Get It Team on March 14, 2014

This week, we are excited to feature a guest blog post from Patrick Cuttica, a Social Media Marketing Specialist at SocialKaty, Inc. Patrick weighs in on mobile apps, mobile marketing & the entire mobile ecosystem. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @PCutty. … Last week I attended Blue Sky Innovation’s event at 1871 where guest speaker […]

Blink & You Might Miss It; Social Media Moves Fast!

by The Where 2 Get It Team on March 7, 2014

Social media moves fast, really fast. In many ways, it’s the lightening fast real-time nature of social media that makes it such a compelling channel. Blink and you may miss something really important, innovative, funny, engaging, etc. Take this week as an example: Had you picked this week to go on vacation and unplug from […]

The IFA Survival Guide: 3 Tips to Ensure a Successful Convention

by The Where 2 Get It Team on February 28, 2014

Earlier this week, Where 2 Get It National Account Manager Lily Wolfrum attended the International Franchise Association’s Annual Convention in New Orleans. We asked Lily to share some highlights & tips from her experience. You can follow Lily on Twitter at @LilyWolfrum! Here are her thoughts: In her first book Grow Smart, Risk Less* Shelly Sun, CEO of BrightStar, […]

Where 2 Get It is Heading to the Big Easy for #IFA2014

by The Where 2 Get It Team on February 21, 2014

One of the best parts of being a technology service provider in the digital marketing industry is getting to attend all sorts of conferences and conventions throughout the year. These events give members of the Where 2 Get It team a chance to mix and mingle with other members of the industry as well as […]

What the Klout Acquisition Means for the Future of Content Marketing

by The Where 2 Get It Team on February 13, 2014

It’s safe to say that much of the tech world was surprised yesterday by the announcement that social influence scoring company Klout would be acquired by the social customer service company Lithium Technologies at a price of at least $100 million. I say much of the tech world specifically because, unlike social media giants Facebook, […]

With so much talk lately about Apple’s iBeacon, the rise of indoor mapping, & the emergence of a new consumer path-to-purchase which merges the on- and offline retail experience, it would be easy to overlook another trend taking the consumer retail world by storm. This new path-to-purchase trend is one that brings the product to […]