What the Klout Acquisition Means for the Future of Content Marketing

by The Where 2 Get It Team on February 13, 2014

It’s safe to say that much of the tech world was surprised yesterday by the announcement that social influence scoring company Klout would be acquired by the social customer service company Lithium Technologies at a price of at least $100 million. I say much of the tech world specifically because, unlike social media giants Facebook, […]

Growth Hacker or Seasoned Online Marketing Professional? Join the Debate!

by The Where 2 Get It Team on January 10, 2014

There’s a debate going on in the digital marketing community. It feels like it’s been brewing for a while and, upon entering the new year, it may have finally boiled over. As with any debate, tensions may be running high for some, but for the most part, the discourse is professional, healthy, and ultimately great […]

What does the future of SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) look like? New York-based IMRSV thinks it looks like… YOU! Well, the consumer, that is. IMRSV (formerly Immersive Labs), whose tagline claims that IMRSV is code for innovation, has developed a facial detection software called Cara which can scan faces up to 25 feet away and […]

Mashable Editor in Chief Lance Ulanoff wrote a great recap of Google’s I/O Keynote in which he called Google “the world’s most powerful and important company.” Apple fanboys and other anti-Googlers alike (ie, champions of Microsoft Bing’s “Don’t get Scroogled!” campaign) would no doubt cringe and teem with anger over what they may consider a […]

If you search the Apple App Store for apps published by “Google, Inc.” you will find 25 apps. Some are likely very familiar as they are perpetually in the top 5 for free apps in their respective categories: Gmail (Productivity), Google Search (Reference) Google Maps (Navigation), Chrome (Utilities), YouTube (Photo & Video). Still others are […]

Bridging the Gap Between Online Marketing and Offline Sales

by The Where 2 Get It Team on March 3, 2012

As web analytics evolves, businesses are able to gather data and measure conversions with increasing depth and precision. E-Commerce companies can track every check-out, and match up this data with traffic acquisition costs to develop precise ROI models. Businesses that rely on lead generation can do the same – once you’ve figured out how much […]

The Platforms of Local Search: One Million Visits Analyzed

by The Where 2 Get It Team on November 8, 2011

At Where 2 Get It, we manage hundreds of high-volume web properties for a huge range of clients and industries. To create this post, we’ve dug into our analytics, and pulled out a few key statistics on the major platforms that shape local search. We’ve analyzed over a million visits for this update, mainly across […]

Google Changes Search Analytics Forever

by The Where 2 Get It Team on October 25, 2011

Normally, analytics software allows webmasters to gather precise data about which search keywords delivered traffic to their sites. Keyword referral data has been a cornerstone of search analytics since the beginning of the industry. It seems like this is now changing. On October 18th, Google announced that searchers logged into Google accounts will now be automatically […]

New Data on the Mobile / Local Connection

by The Where 2 Get It Team on September 13, 2011

Among the trends of Internet consumption, mobile and local stand out as key elements in the evolution of the web. These two rising mediums are closely connected. Smartphone adoption is growing, and phones are developing more advanced location-aware functionality. This creates an environment of rich and compelling local information, that consumers are accessing with increasing […]